Potato Corner apologizes for ‘Toto’ Facebook post
    Potato Corner Thailand Co has apologized for a "imprudent" Facebook post about its Toto mascot that concurred with the police capture of "Toto", a political dissident. The inexpensive food chain gave an assertion late Saturday saying 'sorry' for the fries advancement posted on its Facebook account prior that day.. "Critical news!!! Potato Corner, the principal powder-blended fries in Thailand, is 토토사이트  captured for being "excessively flavorful," the advertisement read. "Toto (accepted name) is captured at a Potato Corner branch on the 6th floor of CentralWorld while eating three cups of force blended french fries," the promotion said. The advertisement was posted around a similar time as the capture of "Toto", Piyarat Chonthep, a main individual from the We Volunteer (WeVo) monitor gathering, alongside different activists, at the Major Ratchayothin shopping complex. A Push to End Germany's Status as 'Heaven for Patent Trolls' Authority in the dread zone Nissan's Unlikely CEO Guides Car Maker in Post-Ghosn Era The message infuriated dissidents and other netizens, who required a blacklist of the organization. The #banpotatocorner hashtag at one point beat Twitter patterns in Thailand. One man even went to a stand at a shopping center to air his resistance to the advertisement, as indicated by a clasp on a Twitter account. "Tell your supervisors that this sort of advertising isn't alright. You are playing with the opportunity of individuals and the life and demise of individuals," he told the staff at the branch. "After this advertisement, I truly can't accepting your items," he said. "You would be wise to drop this promotion since it is harming the organization." Potato Corner conceded the advertising group was imprudent and committed an error with the post, with no political expectation. "We place incredible significance on equitable rights, and have no approach to utilize circumstances as a promoting device," it said.

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