Pull “Pathum” to put resources into monorail.
  For "Bang Sue Central Station", the voyaging center of the Red Line The primary stage, the Department of Land Transport and the BMA will give 24 transport courses to help travel to the station. Gather toll 15 baht all through the line and interface with Hua Lamphong Station. Triumph Monument and Mo Chit have cooled transports or transport transports that go around the station, the passage doesn't surpass 15 baht. The drawn out arrangement will, related to Pathum Thani Province, build up an optional อัตราค่าขนย้าย mass travel framework with an expense of 40,000 million baht, conceivably a BRT transport or a monorail with a distance of 28.2 km. The main stage, Pathum Thani - Rangsit, 17,000 million baht, the subsequent stage, Rangsit - Thanyaburi, the financial plan of 23,000 million baht, the most recent has a private financial backer keen on contributing 2,000 million baht, a driverless train like a brilliant line from Rangsit - Future Park. With the advancement of feeders associating Bang Sue Central Station OTP to consider a BRT arrangement of 10.3 km, contributing 7,359 million baht, going around Bang Sue Central Station, cutting the red line. Cross the turnpike and Chatuchak Park Come to BTS Mo Chit The main stage begins from Bang Sue Central Station - Central Ladprao Department Store contributing 3,793 million baht and Central Ladprao - Bang Sue Central Station contributing 4,5 Amazon's capital uses expanded 80% in the following a year, contrasted with the past year time frame, as it works out satisfaction, center and last-mile framework for online business conveyance, CFO Brian Olsavsky said on the organization's Q1 profit call Thursday. The form out of the conveyance resources has brought about more information and data that the organization can use to all the more likely comprehend its arrange and give more exact conveyance gauges, Olsavsky said. "We additionally see that there's a great deal of cutoff times that we can broaden, once more, since we essentially have ideal data between the request situation assignment to stockrooms, where we will pick and box up the item and send it out the door," he said in light of an investigator's inquiry on last-mile spending. Jump Insight: Amazon's framework work out is a long time really taking shape, and spectators accept the organization actually has a long time to go prior to concluding its organization. This week, a counseling firm that tracks Amazon's framework said that Amazon's conveyance station model is relied upon to arrive at 506 areas in 2021 and could develop to 1,500 areas throughout the following three to five years. When discussing future speculations Thursday Olsavsky referenced conveyance stations yet in addition drilled down various other resource types in the organization's coordinations organization: satisfaction focuses, sort focuses, Amazon Air, line take and trailers. The in-sourcing of coordinations has Amazon moving from a "group measure" to a "constant stream measure," Olsavsky said. Under group handling, Amazon would hand off bundles to an outsider conveyance supplier once per day, however the ceaseless stream permits Amazon to send bundles out of its offices five or six times each day. This is the thing that permits it to improve information on conveyance time, as indicated by Olsavsky.

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