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Here's 20+ Excited ARMY Reactions To Official News Of BTS And Megan Thee Stallion's "Spread" Remix   Records Koreaboo August 25th, 2021 Recently, American artist Megan Thee Stallion uncovered that she and BTS had arranged a cooperation for a "Spread" remix, however her name was endeavoring to forestall its delivery. From that point forward, ARMYs have been candid in their help and expecting the collab, particularly when it in a real sense turned into an entire legal dispute! Fortunately, the adjudicator has cleared it, and it is really occurring!
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  When the court endorsed it, both BTS and Megan delivered the new "Spread" secretive, formally declaring the remix to their large number of devotees. Obviously, the fandoms couldn't be more invigorated. Along these lines, here are 20+ past energized ARMY responses to the authority information on BTS and Megan Thee Stallion's "Spread" remix… 1. Armed force was ready to become legal counselors You can just track down this on ARMY tweet. — 🥢💤 (@babieyoonkii) August 25, 2021 so. bts connected with megan first (to include on the margarine remix) since JUNE. meg needed to take an interest and sent her part by july however her mark declined and said the main way she can be on the track is by paying the name $100k :/ — s⁷✤ (@taesdivinity) August 24, 2021 2. We previously expecting Megan Thee Stallion to join HYBE now what's more, when we get meg to join HYBE — b. (@WhoopyGushion) August 24, 2021 @justynjelks Armed force backs up Meg? #btsarmy #megantheestallion #bts #fyp #blackkpopstan #nancydrewofkpop #fypシ #kpop ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod 3. We may settle the score more collabs?! a trade bargain implies bts will be on a megan track TWO COLLABS. TWO SONGS. TWO SPOTS ON THE CHART FOR MEG AND BTS — kia (@trilogytae) August 24, 2021 4. It resembles one of these fan alters genuinely woke up That is actually where Megan's rap part may be included spot of BTS' dance break!!! This alter… … . Margarine remix ft. Megan is coming!!! 😭😳🔥🔥#BUTTERTHEEREMIX #ButterTheeRemix #BTSxMEGANisComing — BTS_UPDATES⁷ 🧈👅 (@BTSupdate_7) August 25, 2021 bringing back my j-trust x body edit😸 — j-trust every day 🍭💗 (@thehobiprint) August 25, 2021 5. BTS been ready for this collab I'm prepared to 👅 — ⁷ (@baIenciagajk) August 25, 2021 I have no words… . — j-trust every day 🍭💗 (@thehobiprint) August 25, 2021 AHH 👅 — hoseok lips (@dailyhoseoklips) August 25, 2021 6. You definitely realize they'll prod Megan however much they did Halsey nononono do all of you recall how the tannie used to copy halsey's "I need it" presently imagine a scenario where they begin mimicking megan's "AHH👅" — jungkook mastermind (@jeonbuba) August 25, 2021 7. They got the knees as well! megan knees — ₜₗ (@tannieslocker) August 24, 2021 we have a reasonable victor ur honor — paola⁷ 👅🧈 (@anarkyah) August 25, 2021 8. We disregarded every one of the signs Everything COMING TOGETHER — leigh⁷ 💗 (@mapofthesou7) August 25, 2021 Comedians saw the signs and jokesters overlooked it — Maya⁷ 🧈👅 (@bts12dance) August 25, 2021 ??????? I THINK I MIGHT BE ON TO SOMETHING#BUTTERTHEEREMIX #BTSxMEGANisComing — Rㄴ 🏖⁷ (@theypurpleyou) August 25, 2021 9. Megan Thee Stallion, a.k.a. "WAP" unnie Weverse armys are calling Megan « WAP unnie » 😭😭 — Wednesday ⁷ a L♡VER👅🧈 (@MOONSOFHOPE) August 25, 2021    

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