Who is qualified for the variety visa lottery?
To fit the bill for the Diversity Visa Program (DV Program), you more likely than not been brought into the world in a qualified country. Qualified nations are those that have sent under 50,000 foreigners to America in the beyond five years. Assuming that your nation of birth isn't qualified for the lottery, you can in any case enter in case you meet one of the accompanying birth country qualification prerequisites: Your mate, who you are applying with, was brought into the world in a qualified country. You can choose their nation of birth on the application rather than yours. Your folks were brought into the world in a qualified nation and neither of them was a lawful occupant in your own nation of birth. Foreigners from nations like China, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom, and Canada for the most part can't meet the country qualification prerequisites all alone in light of the fact that the United States as of now gets a lot of uses from these areas. The qualified nations change from one year to another. Yet, in 2021, the top DV lottery nations were Egypt, Sudan, Russia, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Iran, Ukraine, Morocco, Nepal, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. โปรแกรมหวย Assuming you do meet no less than one of the nation of birth or spousal/parental nation of birth prerequisites, you'll likewise have to meet one of the accompanying instructive necessities to be chosen: You should have no less than a secondary school training. You should have no less than two years of work insight inside the most recent five years. These positions more likely than not needed at least two years of preparing. You can actually take a look at the U.S. Branch of Labor's site for more data on gathering these necessities. Whenever chose in the green card lottery, you'll need to meet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) green card qualification necessities also. Assuming you have a criminal record, you may not be qualified for a green card. USCIS may likewise preclude you assuming you don't meet explicit clinical immunization prerequisites. It's feasible to apply for the DV Program in case you're hitched to somebody with U.S. Citizenship. Yet, it's normally quicker to apply for a marriage-based green card all things considered. In case you have another relative willing and qualified to support your green card application, you might in any case need to consider enlisting for the DV lottery. Handling times can rely upon which family-based movement class you applied under. Applications supported by life partners are handled a lot quicker than those supported by kin, for instance. Assuming you win the DV lottery, you'll have the option to move and apply for a green card quicker than in case you applied through a kin family-based migration classification.

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