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The perspectives are phenomenal from the highest point of the sand hills. Convenience: Ger camp Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Best Naadam celebration visit Day 7: Flaming Cliffs Our experience will proceed to the Flaming Cliffs, where American pilgrim Roy Chapman Andrews observed the remaining parts of dinosaurs including the primary dinosaur eggs at any point found on the planet. We will appreciate investigating the precipices looking for dinosaur fossils we might find and visit the Gobi tree woods named "Bayanzag." Which signifies "rich in saxaul trees." This tree just fills in the Central Asian Gobi. Convenience: Ger camp Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mongolia tours Mongolian desert Day 8: Drive to Ongi Monastery on the open steppes Pass first through record mountains and next on 80 km Ongi steppes prompting Ongi Monastery, one of the greatest seven cloisters in Mongolia. There were two separate cloisters comprising of in excess of 30 sanctuaries on the shores of the Ongi River encompassed by the Gobi mountains; in any case, the sanctuaries were annihilated during the communist cleanse of the 1930s. Presently the vestiges of the religious communities cover a tremendous region. Visit another dynamic sanctuary, a ger historical center, investigate the cloister destroys and climb a close by mountain to have all encompassing perspectives on the encompassing regions. Convenience: Ger camp Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mystery of ongi ger Day 9: Kharkhorin, antiquated Monastery Erdenezuu This current day's visit happens in the change zone from the Gobi desert to the mountain steppes. Kharkhorin, previously known as Kharakhorum, was once a capital of Chinggis Khaan's Great Mongol Empire in the thirteenth century. Later the move of the Mongolian funding to Beijing, and the fall of the Empire, Karakorum was deserted and afterward annihilated by Manchurian officers in 1388. Today, in the tremendous valley of the Orkhon River, the amazing old religious community Erdenezuu exists together with Kharkhorin town.  antiquities in the religious community historical center, view its shocking design and the Kharakhorum Museum show remainders of the antiquated city. Convenience: Ger camp Suppers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Kharkhorin Erdenezuu cloister Day 10: Visit wanderers, horse riding and return to Ulaanbaatar Today is the last day to spend in the lovely field of Mongolia. While heading to Ulaanbaatar, we will visit a pony crowding traveler family and have some pony riding. We additionally join the travelers for lunch. Show up in Ulaanbaatar and check in a lodging.

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