Project Cargo
At Noatum Project Cargo we execute the coordinated operations connected with modern undertakings and task freight both larger than average and Heavy Lift. Our objective is the fulfillment of our customers through care and exigency in arranging and functional execution, keeping up with elevated expectations of amazing skill and straightforwardness. We work with the greatest possible level of thoroughness,  transforming the requirements of our customers into our own. Experience, energy, contribution, and a checked style towards the true make Noatum  an alternate method for accomplishing the target of our customers. Inside the system of the consolidation by retention between the organizations Noatum Logistics Spain, SAU (as the retaining organization) and Actanis, SAU (as the assimilated organization working under the Noatum Project Cargo brand) and in consistence with the arrangements of article 32 of Law 3/2009, of April 3, on underlying adjustments of commercial organizations, we continue to store and make accessible the normal consolidation project formed and endorsed by the administration body of the previously mentioned organizations just as the remainder of the legitimately required data.   Cold climate adds time and work to each action—from how you dress to how you drive, from how you keep up with your home and your business environment. Here are some convenient tips to assist with supporting the wellbeing and security of your workers during the chilly, cold weather months. Chilly climate TIP #1—Eliminate All Slippery Surfaces AMAROK_cold_weather _tips_icy_steps_commercial_property_theft_blogMoving about in the virus is testing enough. Add to that the ordinary lifting, coming to, and other related business day errands with extra apparel and firm fingers, and it's a higher priority than at any other time to stroll on the dry ground for the duration of the day. Indeed, even the littlest of tricky spots can cause extreme injury. So make certain to apply salt or sand on walkways, parking areas, covers, break regions, and carports.   AMAROK_blog_cold_weather_stress_commercial_property_theft_tipsHow regularly have you seen individuals working outside wearing a hoodie or even in short sleeves—while encompassed by snow whirlwinds? It happens more regularly than it ought to. It ought to never occur - in light of the fact that really, Cold Stress is a 'thing.' According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Cold Stress "happens by driving down the skin temperature, and, at last, the inside internal heat level."  

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